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The environment also fares well with the puren sustainability principle


With our puren sustainability principle, the environment also fares well. Learn more about the different aspects here.

1. High-performance insulation material

Outstanding product properties are never a matter of chance. The better a product or material is, the more intensively it has been worked on in advance to achieve these performance characteristics. This is particularly true of the high-performance insulating material polyurethane. For example, polyurethane insulating materials from puren with thermal conductivity grade WLS 023 insulate up to two-thirds better than conventional insulating materials with WLS 040.

First-class values in terms of thermal conductivity, fire protection and energy efficiency thus speak for PUR/PIR insulating materials that bear the puren trademark. Extremely good insulating properties keep the heat in during the winter and provide excellent protection against summer heat during the summer. Easy processing and a good eco-balance speak for the consistent use of puren insulating materials in the areas of pitched roofs, flat roofs, facades (also ETICS), floors and ceilings.

2. High-quality and durable

Polyurethanes belong to the family of thermosets. They do not melt even at high temperatures and remain dimensionally and shape-stable. Polyurethanes are also highly compressive, durable, water repellent and resistant to almost all construction chemicals. Factory-made thermal insulation products made of rigid polyurethane foam are standardized throughout Europe (DIN EN 13165).

3. Next Step PU: Protecting resources, saving disposal and transport costs

Sustainability and the recycling of residual materials have been part of our corporate philosophy since the company was founded almost 50 years ago. Hardly any other insulation company has such a closed material cycle as puren. We manufacture high-quality functional materials from production and construction site residues, which in turn provide benefits for decades and can then also be recycled. We call this cycle Next Step PU. You can find all the information here. 

For this reason, unmixed, uncontaminated, CFC- and HCFC-free rigid polyurethane foams can be taken back free of charge if delivered freight paid. The return takes place on a contractual basis. We have developed the "Next Step PU" concept for this purpose.

You can download the information brochure here.

4. EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

With the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), the high-performance insulating material polyurethane demonstrates an impressive eco-balance and is convincing in terms of sustainability. Together with the IVPU, we support sustainable construction through the Environmental Product Declarations for factory-made polyurethane insulation materials at the IBU.

The Environmental Product Declarations, or EPDs for short, issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (Institute for Construction and the Environment) evaluate a product over its entire life cycle, from manufacture and use to disposal or, if necessary, recycling. All EPDs can be found in the download section.

5. pure life certification: Good for people and the environment

puren sets new standards in terms of environment and quality. After extensive testing by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Insitut (WKI), we are now authorized to award high-quality insulation products from our pitched roof, flat roof and facade range with the new environmental quality mark pure life.

The independent Fraunhofer WKI has put our insulating materials through their paces according to particularly strict criteria with regard to ingredients and the release of volatile substances (emissions).

The health of people and the environment is the most important asset, and therefore it is particularly important when choosing building and insulating materials - whether for new construction or renovation - that no substances harmful to health are released into the interior, let alone into the environment. puren high-performance insulating materials with the pure life environmental and quality label have been proven to be harmless to health and can even be used indoors without restriction. They meet the very strict material criteria and emission requirements for indoor air quality, as emissions of volatile substances are lower than for most organic natural materials! For more information on pure life, visit: www.purelife-info.de and in the brochure.

6. New disposal service for PU insulation residues

With Ecoservice24.com, a subsidiary of Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH, we now offer our customers a simple disposal option for unmixed PU insulation residues. In addition, as a member of the Industrieverband Polyurethan-Hartschaum e.V. (IVPU), we offer a 10% discount on this nationwide collection service.

This is how disposal via ecoservice24.com works

The containers can be ordered in the desired size simply on-line with www.ecoservice24.com Germany far. The collection of the containers is also requested online. As a puren customer, you can use the discount code IVPU10 to receive a 10% discount on the collection service. Within 2 working days the containers will be picked up. Hazardous waste, other insulation materials, liquids or insulation boards with adhesions and impurities are not allowed in the container! The IVPU fact paper "IVPU Disposal Service for PU Insulation Residues" provides information about ordering, filling and collecting the containers and answers the most important questions about the disposal service.

Here you can download the fact paper. Further information is also available from the Industrieverband Polyurethan-Hartschaum.

7. Plant safety and environmental responsibility

As an internationally active and ecologically oriented company, we are clearly committed to our responsibility for our environment. puren products and technologies have a very good eco-balance, play an important role in saving energy, and make an outstanding contribution to conserving resources and thus protecting the environment.

Safety has the highest priority for our employees and our neighbors. Extensive technical, structural and organizational measures were taken during the construction of our plant in order to be able to exclude operational disturbances and dangers for our employees* and the nearby environment as far as possible.

PDF-Download: Information for the public, Überlingen plant