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Quality - Our promise to you

As a leading brand, puren stands for the highest product quality and reliability. Modern, exemplary production lines enable economical and smooth process flows. All steps from product development to goods issue are carried out according to clearly defined quality assurance criteria. In addition, all puren products must undergo regular, stringent quality controls. Our claim is: top performance and top products, without ifs and buts.The Überwachungsgemeinschaft Polyurethan-Hartschaum (ÜGPU) is recognized as a certification body for thermal insulation materials made of PUR/PIR rigid foam by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and officially announced by the EU.

pure life - Certification: Good for people and the environment

puren sets new standards in terms of environment and quality. After extensive testing by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Insitut (WKI), we are now authorized to award high-quality insulation products from our pitched roof, flat roof and facade range with the new environmental quality mark pure life. The independent Fraunhofer WKI has put our insulating materials through their paces with regard to ingredients and the release of volatile substances (emissions) in accordance with particularly strict criteria Human health and the environment are the most important assets, and therefore it is particularly important when choosing building and insulating materials - whether for new construction or renovation - that no substances harmful to health are released into the interior, let alone the environment. You can read more about this here.

Ü becomes Q

Due to a ruling by the European Court of Justice and the resulting change in German construction law, the "Überwachungs-Ü" will become the new "Qualitäts-Q", based on voluntary monitoring, on July 1, 2017, after a transitional phase since October 2016.

Together with the Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz (FIW) Munich, the Überwachungsgemeinschaft Polyurethan-Hartschaum (ÜGPU) has developed a voluntary certification program that meets the requirements for a Type 5 certification according to DIN EN ISO/ICE 17067. We have of course joined this voluntary monitoring program, so that certified puren PU rigid foams will in future bear the Q mark as proof of quality monitoring by independent bodies. You can also find more information on this on the ÜGPU website or in an ÜGPU white paper.

The puren properties icons

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Building materials and insulating materials made from renewable raw materials can carry allergenic substances into living or sleeping areas. These can be substances such as wood dust, pollen, fungal spores, microorganisms, pesticides/insecticides. PU insulation materials from puren are completely free of these substances and are approved by building authorities for use indoors. PU has been proven not to release carcinogenic substances into the environment! The Institute for Environment and Health (IUG/Fulda) confirms that PU insulation materials from puren are suitable for allergy sufferers.


Polyurethane is non-toxic to both the human organism and the environment and is therefore one of the most widely used plastics in medical technology. It has a wide range of applications, from wound sponges and stents to artificial heart valves made of polyurethane. Insulating materials made from renewable raw materials must be treated with biocides and other substances for long-term use in construction.

The fact is, biocides are toxic and potentially hazardous to the environment and human and animal health. PU insulation materials from puren are free of biocides, herbicides and fungicides.

Mold resistant

Even with modern construction technology, mold can still form on the inside and outside of building components. Since PU absorbs virtually no moisture and is also not a particularly good breeding ground for microorganisms, puren insulation materials counteract mold growth. PU insulating materials from puren are free of antifungal agents and yet resistant to mold and rot.

Moisture resistant

Moisture has been proven to degrade the insulating performance of an insulation material. Anyone who has ever gotten their feet wet while walking in winter knows what we are talking about. Insulation materials that absorb ten percent or more moisture by volume should be viewed critically. Depending on the construction, condensation can quickly form, and quite a few liters of water can accumulate in a roof during the winter months. The fact is that PU insulating materials from puren have a maximum moisture absorption of only three percent by volume - so the outstandingly low thermal conductivity (WLS 023) is maintained, and a lot of heating energy is constantly saved.


Not everything labeled "green" or "renewable" is good for the environment. The fact is that the life cycle assessment of polyurethane is exceptionally good, as the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (Institute for Construction and the Environment) clearly proves with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). To ensure that the life cycle assessment is verifiable, it is determined according to internationally defined standards. Over the average product life cycle, PU insulation materials from puren save considerably more energy than is required for production. The so-called primary energy content of a polyurethane insulation board pays for itself in less than a year through the heating energy savings.

Cold protection

The high-performance polyurethane insulation material from puren impresses with outstanding thermal insulation performance and a top value of WLS 023. PU insulation materials from puren provide excellent protection against cold. The unbeatably high insulating performance enables significantly thinner insulation layers and thus slim constructions for highly insulated roofs. For the same insulation performance, considerably thicker insulation must be used with other insulation materials. puren insulation materials not only save energy costs, but also make construction and renovation particularly affordable.

Thermal insulation

What keeps the heat inside in winter ensures that the heat of summer does not penetrate the roof space in the first place. PU insulation materials from puren limit heat transfer from the warm to the cold side in summer and winter with extremely low thermal conductivity (WLS 023).


All PU residual materials produced at puren are 100% recyclable and convince with an almost unique product life cycle. puren is the only company that can prove a closed resource and production cycle from the raw material to the insulating material to the reuse and production of the functional material purenit. The residual materials from insulation production are used to produce the functional material purenit, the product properties of which are so good that this material is referred to as the diamond among functional materials!


For new construction or renovation, the following applies: If you decide with foresight, it's best to invest in puren high-performance insulation. PU insulation materials from puren offer optimum thermal protection and thus maximum energy savings. From the first day of the heating season, the savings potential of a new roof insulated with PU takes effect. Whether passive or low-energy house - puren insulation materials help to save precious energy. This pays off, because it is more than unlikely that prices for oil, gas or other energy sources will fall in the future.

System solutions

puren offers structural insulation solutions for new buildings and renovation projects. The insulation boards and all the accessories required for processing are perfectly matched down to the last detail.