puren model prototyping

Solutions for professional model making

Optimal and versatile rigid modeling foams for professionals

Very big dreams often have a heart made of PUR.

Whether it's giant backdrops at amusement parks, a 1:1 prototype of a futuristic roadster or models for orthopedic technology: PUR/PIR rigid foam from puren in the form of blocks or sheets creates what makes model makers' hearts beat faster.

puren professional model making

For the dream made of foam 

At the beginning of every idea and realization there is a plan, a drawing or a model that shows to scale how the finished product should look. This is especially true for technical goods such as cars, trains or ships, but also for artistic designs such as decorations or advertising figures. Often, these models have one thing in common: a core of rigid foam from puren. For model making, we offer blocks and sheets in various qualities and dimensions.

Our solution for model making: modur®

Whether machine processing or final finishing by hand - modur® can be processed down to the smallest detail. It goes without saying that modur® is also resistant to paints, solvents and many other coatings. Nothing stands in the way of the perfect model finish.

puren modur

Your advantages

  • Ideal for mechanical processing with all common tools as well as CNC-controlled equipment
  • High detail accuracy can be machined with all adhesives, primers, coatings, paints, varnishes etc.
  • Low specific weight
  • Raw densities 30-300 kg/m3
  • Good strength
  • Tested building material classes
  • Weather resistant, can be used from -30° C to +120° C
  • Non-rotting
  • High stability
  • Recycling
  • Good cell elasticity

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