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Solutions for vehicle construction

Hidden values for sophisticated vehicle construction and sandwich panels: puren high-performance insulation and construction materials

Innovative insulation solutions in vehicle construction:

Many years of development work and an intensive exchange of experience with our customers have resulted in a special product that optimally meets the requirements of commercial vehicle construction. Our high-performance insulating materials combine economic and ecological aspects in a contemporary way. In particular, the high demands of transporting foodstuffs while maintaining the monitored cold chain require an insulating material that enables optimized loading dimensions with maximum vehicle width thanks to slim wall constructions. At the same time, a low weight of the superstructure combined with high stability is imperative. The minimally elasticized properties compensate for dynamic vehicle behavior and thus support the sandwich structures.

Different surface layers and different processing methods can be combined without any problems with the styrene-resistant polyurethane-based material. The environmentally friendly blowing agents used produce the best insulation values, thus helping to protect the environment and save energy.

Anyone striving for innovative solutions in vehicle construction can hardly ignore high-performance construction materials from puren. Whether as core material for vehicle superstructures, segments for tankers (which can also be loaded with hot goods up to +200°C) or vehicle parts - puren has the perfect solution.

Our solution for vehicle construction: cargodur®

The thermoset high-performance insulating material cargodur® combines economic and ecological aspects in a contemporary way. 

puren cargodur

With a density of 35 kg per cubic meter, cargodur has the outstanding thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.020 W/(mK). This means that the test requirements can be met without hesitation by this special insulating material.

But even when the temperature inside the vehicle is not subject to the same requirements as in food transport, cargodur shows its special properties to full advantage. Thin and extremely lightweight walls, e.g. for distribution vehicles, save fuel and protect the transported goods as well as the driver himself. Thus, puren provides the panels in the respective customer-specific thickness and length with a width format of 1,200mm.

Your advantages

  • Light, weight-optimized
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Lowest thermal conductivity from 0.021 W(mK), thus slim superstructures, more loading volume
  • Optimum protection of high-value goods against temperature influences (for temperature-controlled transports from -30 to +200° Celsius) due to excellent heat and cold insulation values
  • Economical
  • Good cell elasticity
  • Can be combined with cover layers made of GRP, metal, etc.
  • In case of fire NOT burning dripping off
  • Easy to repair
  • Recyclable
  • Water absorption only approx. 3 vol.
  • As core material of sandwich elements highly dynamically loadable
  • High stability
  • Biologically and ecologically harmless, resistant to mold and rot

Available formats


Standard formats or customer/project-specific block and plate dimensions

Edge formation



Usually ground, dusted, grooved on request

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