Functional material purenit


The economical and versatile functional material.

purenit - the economical and versatile functional material

With purenit, a new type of functional material is available that is fully convincing thanks to its versatility and material-specific properties. Where wood-based materials reach their limits, purenit holds its own with outstanding properties

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Your advantages

  •     Aging-resistant, rot-proof and rot-proof
  •     Moisture resistant, dimensionally stable
  •     Fire behavior class E (DIN EN 13501-1), non-dripping
  •     Thermal conductivity λD 0.083 - 0.088 W/(m*k), ETA-18/0604
  •     Thermal conductivity λB 0.086 - 0.091 W/(m*k), DIN 4108-4
  •     Applicable in temperature range -50°C to +100°C (short-term +250°C)
  •     Bulk density 550 kg/m³, DIN EN 1602
  •     Compressive stress according to DIN EN 826 ≥ 7.1 MPa
  •     Resistant to chemicals commonly used in construction
  •     Mechanically highly loadable

Possible uses and applications

  • In wet and damp rooms, facades, profiles or mouldings
  • Flat roof construction
  • Assembly of building elements
  • Connection details

Processing methods


Effortlessly and accurately, with standard woodworking machines.


An HSS drill bit is sufficient for predrilling screw connections.


Precise and easy to saw. Water jet cutting is also possible. Carbide tools are recommended for longer tool life.


No to little restrictions on bonding and coating with other materials. Ideal substrate for laminates.


Suitable for processing with all common adhesive systems.


purenit even tolerates solvent-based paints and varnishes.

For the construction and thermal insulation of building elements in a class of its own. Flexible, economical, future-oriented

Hardly any other material, construction material, insulation material or material combines as many advantages in the field of construction as purenit. Whether as a building element for facade construction, a high-quality raw material for window production, a basic material for room dividers, or a starting material for durable, high-quality doors - purenit sets standards.

In times of constantly rising energy costs, thermal bridges are absolutely unacceptable. High-quality insulation of buildings is not only a question of the insulating shell, but consequently extends to the details of facade structures, window construction materials and many other building elements.

purenit - twice as efficient, twice as good!

Basically, purenit is even triple good, because in addition to the excellent mechanical properties, which are so important in construction to enable economical processing, purenit convinces with excellent insulating values and good diffusivity. purenit has a bulk density of 550 kg/m³, is light and thus a low weight load. The material structure and density, on the other hand, are responsible for the good insulation values. No wonder, then, that purenit is a high-performance alternative to wood-based products.

Available formats

purenit plates standard format


2440, 3600* mm 


1220 mm 


10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 mm 

Other thicknesses and formats on request.

*70 and 80 mm thickness are not available for 3600 mm length.

purenit® is now also available in class C (flame retardant) on request.

purenit c flame retardant

Brochure and flyer

Everything you need to know about our functional material purenit® can be found in the brochure and flyer.

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